New Toys

Just picked up a couple of new toys .
Ruger #1B in 6.5 Creedmoor and a Ruger M77 International in 260. Now I need to get the press out and load up some 140gr Nosler Ballistic Tips. Got to get a few more toys in the safe while the Wife is deployed. Less questions this way. View attachment 958545
Great rifles.
My buddy recently bought 3 Lipsey Special Run M77 RSI internationals in .260, 6.5x55 swede, and .275 Rigby.

The .260 and Swede shoot INCREDIBLY well for any rifle let alone a mannlicher type.

The 260 put three 120gr TTSX under a half inch at 100yds.
The Swede equaled a sub 1/2" group with the same bullet.

Gonna try to shoot the .275 tomorrow of weather permits.

You have two sweet rifles there
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Pacecars, had to do some searching to find that #1 with decent wood grain. Saw lots that looked like they used a 2x4 to make the stock. It’s amazing how many online dealers won’t post or send pictures of the actual rifle and only use stock photos. Spending that kind of money I want to see what I am buying.
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Lots of hours spent surfing the net to find those 2. Got my eye on another M77 international in 275 Rigby. Bullethead you will have to let us know how your Buddies 275 shoots. I have another #1 RSI in 7x57 that shoots great.


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Congrats! Two beautiful rifles.
You are dead on in your comments on the search for decent looking stocks. I plan to buy some new wood stocked rifles in the near future as I don't believe we have too much longer before they don't exist. Soon it will be all plastic stocks. I am seeing more manufacturers offering hardwood and not even offering walnut. Sad.
Congrats on your acquisitions.
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Thanks for the kind words on these rifles. Been blessed to be able to afford some pretty guns. Lipsey’s and Ruger does a limited run on the M77 International couple of times a year. They just did a 243 in November. Almost harder to find a silver scope without the BDC reticle than it is the rifle.
Both are gorgeous! Congratulations! :rockon:

You're absolutely right about the wood on the new #1s. I searched a long while for one in a medium bore before finally finding a nice one in 9.3x62.


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Really nice rifles. I do love a falling block. It`s my preferred rifle of choice.
I'll take that No.1 whe you get tired of it.
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I missed out on a Ruger #1 B in 338 Federal. Had it on my list and when I went back to get it she was no longer there. Oh well, there will always be more guns than money. I do enjoy surfing the net looking for my next purchase.
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Not sure how they shoot yet. Just got them scoped Friday. Got to role a few new loads for them. Going to load up some 140 gr Noslers and maybe some 125 gr TTSX. Primarily deer loads.