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My buddies .275 did well today.
Lots of hours spent surfing the net to find those 2. Got my eye on another M77 international in 275 Rigby. Bullethead you will have to let us know how your Buddies 275 shoots. I have another #1 RSI in 7x57 that shoots great.
Those are the first three loads he tried through the .275.
All with 120gr TTSX. IMR4350, Win760,Varget
Bullethead , thanks for the update. Those groups would kill a deer at the ranges I shoot.i wish they would make a blued M77 International again.
Yeah,slightly over an inch. 3 of the shots in the 5 shot group were under and inch.
We got the 260 and 6.5x55 under a half inch. I'm positive we can get the .275 at 3/4" or a little better.

Please post how yours does when you get it to the range.

And YES!!!! To the blued RSI!!!


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Might have to get the new Hawkeye African 9.3x62. I wish they would do the International in that caliber


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They have done the .275 then the 6.5x55 last tear and now the 9.3
Beautiful rifles...never seen a stainless version like that. Cool 😎