New Yak + Gar Fishing = Insane Jump

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Thought I would share this here with the yak navy.

I got a new Ascend FS12T and I love it. I've had it out on the water a few times now and its an awesome boat. I only have a few complaints. The Water tight dry storage is not water tight, and I cant get the seat to stay in one position...

Other than those two things, it was well worth the money. I love being able to stand and fish. The stability is great.

Here is a short video of a few bass and a massive gar who decided to get some air time. Hope you guys enjoy it!

nice short video. for some reason i've never thought about mounting my gopro on my canoe when I go out fishing. I mostly use it for ATVing. Think i'll have to rig a mount on my next set of off days.