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hey guys, I'm new to the forum and love fishing but don't have many friends who are also into it at least not as much as me. I've been fishing for a little while now unfortunately it wasn't something my dad introduced to me so I got into it later, but now I'm also starting to get into swimabait fishing so any information and advice in that regard is well appreciated. Im looking for advice, new spots, people to fish with, and guidance in the sport. I have a kayak and would love to visit new places to get on a good bite unfortunately my car isn't the best for taking my kayak long distances. I live on lake Lanier so anyone with anything to share about fishing near there please message me. thank you all!


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Welcome. Go to the fishing forum and intro yourself there to.
Tell them where u fish and ask about tips.
Tight lines & good luck.


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Welcome and enjoy!


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Welcome,,,,lots of great and knowledgeable guys and gals here,,,,


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Welcome, to the camp fire. Just pull up a stump and have a chat.


Welcome to the campfire.