New Zealand Massacare Tump's fault

The left wants to blame him for something that happened ten thousand miles away at the hands of some nut case. Really. The problem is there are a bunch of uneducated dumb as dirt idiots that believe anything that some other idiot tells them. Give me a break.
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Yep.. I was thinking of that myself. I knew sooner or later "Trump's fault" would be part of the discussion.

That's all I got for now. 😳


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Good Morning America and the MSM is making a full on commitment to twist the narrative. I do not watch GMA mind you, but this is the buzz on some gun forums. The shooter has described China as being the closest society that he resonates with so not so much of a capitalist Trumper.

The libtards...and that is the nicest word I will use at this point, are spewing the narrative this morning across social media that since Trump is white and pushes America first, that he is a white nationalist and they mean it with their full being. I do not want to even engage with these people on these arguments. Can we just go ahead and let the left pick some states and we will pick some states and go about our lives?


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What kind of guns were used? Must not have been AR style as its not plastered on news.
The one still shot I saw of the shooter's go-pro (or whatever he was wearing) looked like a shotgun. Couldn't tell if pump or semi.

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Orange man bad. Remember their mantra, never let a good crisis go to waste! Propaganda pure and simple.


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There are a lot of idiots here and elsewhere that need to be put to sleep..


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According to the left, crime is never the fault of the criminal who did it. It's the gun's fault, an old conservative white man's fault, etc, etc. Personal responsibility and accountability is a foreign concept to the left. Blame everything on somebody or something else and it's all good.