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What's up, fellas?

I'm living in Dawson County temporarily (while I sell the family farm). I grew up in North Atlanta suburbia, then moved to Texas, then moved back to Georgia...then back to Texas...and now I'm back in Georgia!

Dad raised me in the deer woods, and I've been fortunate to hunt in lots of states and even in Canada. Sadly my hunting partner (Dad) passed away earlier this year after losing a battle with brain cancer.

This season was particularly tough for me since it was my first without Dad. I've also been fortunate in that the two of us always had private land to hunt. So not only was I solo this season, I've also been learning the ropes on public land hunting.
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Welcome from my end of Dawson county. I lost my dad two summers ago so I know what you are feeling...we spent many hunting and fishing trips together.

Best $10 you will spend is for a Chattahoochee National Forest map - it shows you all of the public land available for hunting above here. Not easy hunting but it is free. You can also view this map on the CNF website.