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I have never hunted bear nor have i ever had an interst in hunting bear. However, I am looking to get into a club next yr that has a good black bear population. What is the best way to hunt them? Ant bear hunting advice would be appreciated.


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What county?
If you are hunting where baiting is not allowed, very early mornings and late afternoons are best. Use skunk sent - place it 10 feet to your right, left and behind you. Cut off some small branches (taller than the height you will be sitting). Use a bear attractant(anise), hunt near water, thick cover and acorns or another natural food source.
If hunting an area where you can bait - use peanut butter, sardines, tuna fish, peaches, apples, old doughnuts, cereal, bacon and bacon drippings. Select the same type of area with water, thick cover and almost to no deer sign in the area. Stalk hunt to the food site in the early morning and hunt from around 3 PM to dark.
You can thank me after you get one. Good Luck.

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X2. North, central, or south Georgia? Tactics may vary by location. I have ZERO experience with bears outside north GA, although some of the tactics will be the same. If it is in central or south GA, some of the other fellows here might have some insight for you that the north GA guys might not have.

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This particular club is in Cherokee and Bartow.
If your hunting a club with property lines, I'd suggest that you just deer hunt, and hope a bear strolls through, these guys that strictly go after bear in North ga cover miles and miles of country just to find what their looking for, there could be some years that your club has some bears, some years there might not be any within 20 miles.