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What's the best/easiest call for a new guy to start with? Is there a book/tape/DVD that's better than most on calling? I've been hunt'n all my life (too many years to mention) but up to this point all the turkeys I've harvested have been mostly by accident...a.k.a when I was hunt'n something else. Appreciate any help and info.


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You will probably want to start with a friction call, either a slate or box. The glass and aluminum calls tend to be a little more difficult to control. Also, don't be afraid to spend a little money to get a good call. It will definitely help the learning curve.


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Easiest or best?

There is a difference (to me at least) between the easiest call to use as opposed to the best call to use.

I can answer the best question first. The best call to use is the one the tom will gobble at and come in to. that can and will change on any given day, maybe even from minute to minute. Now, wasn't that simple?

The easiest call to master is the push button type box call. A good many guys who have hunted for awhile will probably sneer at this but, these little calls are, or at least can be, real killers. The biggest bird that I have personally killed came in to such a call. And he wasn't wasting a lot of time getting there, either. It was one of those deals where you really didn't have to call much, and honestly, most any call would have likely worked. Anyway...

I guess that any box call would be an easy call to master. Start now by getting a good one (Lynch Fool Proof is one such call) and some box call chalk (as opposed to school board chalk which contains oil) and go to work practicing.

Lots of good tapes/DVDs are available. Primos sells one just on mastering calling. Good instruction is available on most any of the video products distributed by Primos, Knight & Hale, and Quaker Boy. I'm sure there are others that are equally good.

Good luck.
I would recomend getting a fairly nice box call and an original style slate call (example little duece). Keep your calling simple and low key until you gain some experiance. And practice,practice practice!!!!!!!


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Thank ya'll for the info. Guess I need to go shopping now. There was a guy at the Mossy Creek Festival here in the spring that was selling his hand made box calls. I don't know if I sounded much like a turkey, but I was sure making the same sounds he was. Don't remember his name, but I do remember he was from GA. Kinda wishing I had bought one was really simple to operate. Again, thanks for the help and if you think of any more info a new feller might use let me know.