NFL Gameday ribs

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Made some baby backs using a different method and turned out excellent.

1.Peeled, mustarded, and seasoned with own proprietary rub mix

2. Cooked on oak coals at 300-325 for 2 hrs

3. Wrapped in foil with squeeze butter cooked 1 hr at 300.

4. Took out of foil and finished cooking for 1 hr, brushing on sauce.

5. Devoured all. The end



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Gotta love gameday ribs.

Always good to get dialed in a method that works for you on ribs.

I tend to run them longer at lower temps, but your 300 degree method would allow me to run 'em along with a butt, too.

I could've used some proper ribs during my Texans game yesterday. Luckily a tenderloin got us through to a solid win.
Thanks for the recipe Dennis. Wonder where I can find some of that Proprietary Sauce. Cant seem to find none around here.
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Rub is as follows, will not include measures as I do not use them. Just eyeball it

Kosher salt
Ground black pepper
Spanish paprika
Smoked paprika
Onion powder
Granulated garlic
Chile powder
Cayenne powder
Brown sugar
Pinch of ginger

Liberal rubdown of yellow mustard, and let it set up in fridge overnight.