NGA SOY FINAL LEG & Gainesville Archery Charity Shoot 8-24-14

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This weekend will the final leg of NGA SOY and Gainesville's Charity Shoot. We would like for top shooters in each class to shoot together if possible.
If you can contact shooters in your group that I have listed and setup a time to shoot together. If not send me a pm and I'll try to work it out.
Advanced Known
Andy Rouse
John Adams
Dustin Watts
Perry Hughes

Advanced Open
Jay Moon
Travis Ballard
Shawn Blackburn

Open Trophy
Shawn Beebe
Chris Morris
Matt Loggins
Cameron Harper

Known Trophy
David Martin
Scotty Stokes
Scott Black
Stacey Campbell

Randall Burgess
Justin Dunagan
Camron Burgess

Unlimited Hunter
Larry Painter
Mike Crowe
Robert Ward

Womens Hunter
Stephanie Martin
Angela Morris

Young adult
Sam Smith

Womens Known
Jennifer Irvin

Senior Open
Mark Loggins

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i can't believe that ski didn't win another one,, lol!!:cool::cool:::ke:::ke:::ke:::ke:


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There are several of us coming. Can't wait always a fun shoot!