Night shift.

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Have any of you guys ever done that? I'm doing it for a power company for some extra income to pay off my truck. I walk around all night with a flashlight and a clipboard.The wife says honey I will pay off that truck, but common baby it's guy thing.

Anyway, it really messes up your bio clock. And you start feeling like a vampire or something. 0800 is my 1700 so I'm buying a six pack and folks are saying dude your starting early lol.
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Anyway the wife isn't impressed I'm always asleep when she gets home. So what does she do? Pays off the truck anyway lol.


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Worked nights for Kroger many years ago,,,, would hit the bar at 7am with the guys and gals Friday mng,,,, 5yrs, bar was right across the street from where we worked,,,,
Been working night shift for going on 32yrs, turned down several day shift jobs. Don't like dealing with idiot management, incompetent maintenance, and despise the heat. I work alone in the MON and love it.


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Night shift would be hard to do with youngans 4 & 13 like I have. Where I work, night shift pays 28% MORE than day shift....still can't do it. The absolute worst shift of all is 2nd (midday). You miss out on everything.


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Hard to do with family. But you have to take control. Control light in bedroom. Turn off phone. Don't let others make plans for you any more then you make plans for them to go shopping at 03:00 in morning.


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Did 10 yrs 2nd shift and 10 yrs 3rd shift. Last 10 on 1st. Can't say one is better than another. All have their advantages and disadvantages.