Nikon P3 on Centerpoint Crossbow

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Picked up the Centerpoint Sniper Elite Crossbow from Academy last black Friday. It came with 3 arrows and a super cheap scope. Didn't kill anything with it, but it was shooting well. I noticed the scope was real dark and didn't track well. Decided to buy the Nikon P3 crossbow scope. Great move. It is bright and clear and tracks dead on. Instead of the lines going across the entire scope, it just has the BDC circles on the vertical crosshair which so far, has been great for range use. We will see how it does this season. I did upgrade my arrows from a recommendation on one of these forums. Can't remember the brand at the moment. I am using 100 grain Muzzy broad heads and they shot true to impact with the field points. The factory arrows shot exactly 370 fps as the manual said, but the new arrows are a bit heavier and shot at 342 fps.

I looked out my back door last night with the Nikon at a deer feeding and there is a huge difference in resolution and brightness with the Nikon over the factory centerpoint scope. I highly recommend the Nikon. Seems like it was about $150 delivered on Amazon. Nikon's Spot On app works with this scope and is pretty dang close. If you can chronograph your arrows and input the data, it shows you where to aim on the BDC for a given range. Of course, you can estimated the velocity and test it on the range and go from there. I intend on printing myself out a cheat sheet and taping to the crossbow for easy reference.

Top left is 20 yards, bottom left is 30 and center is 40 yards.


This one is at 59 yards per my range finder, I was quite pleased.


I just upgraded to Nikon P3 myself. My 5 year old Barnett scope had a loose lens and moisture would get inside on rainy days. I mounted it last night. MAN it is like night and day difference. The eye relief is amazing and the clarity is even more amazing. I am going this afternoon to sight it in. I cant wait till Saturday morning. I almost bought this a few years ago when it was called the BOLT XR but thought how much better could it be. Now I know. Good luck this weekend.
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Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to go this weekend. Going on a mission to build a church that has been delayed 2 times and the last time ended up on opening week. :( So I am going to have to wait until the 2nd weekend.

Good luck to you also.

I used to be cheap and use the cheap scopes. As my eyes have aged, I appreciate the clarity and brightness of the Leupolds and Nikons over the Simmons, bushnells and no name scopes that I used to be happy with.

Well I sighted it in yesterday. It took me all of four shots to walk it in a quarter size dot at 20 yards. A few more to verify at different dots of course so not to hit another bolt. Moved my bag out to 30 yards and lined up the second BDC circle and to my surprise it was dead on to. My last scope the second line was 35 yards. I once again shot a few more to verify. Moved it back to 40 yards and lined up the third BDC circle and it was a half inch high. I can live with that. I didn't have enough room to try the 50 yard but I'm not shooting that far at a deer anyway. I am shooting a Barnett Raptor FX 330 fps and this Nikon works perfect on it.
Without even comparing I know the glass that came on mine is not very bright. I checked out the p3s on eBay and they sure look sweet! Maybe one day if I get this thing really going, or have functionality issues I’ll upgrade. So far this thing has held its zero and has been banged around a little bit with just a soft case for protection. I think they were as low as $156 free shipping and no tax 👍🏻
Yea if my lens had not come unglued I would still be using the factory scope. Kind of glad it did or I wouldn't know what I have been missing. Amazon had it on sale for 136 for two weeks. I kept telling myself next Friday I will get it but then the next Friday it was 156 again. DANG IT !! I went with Ebay because it was like you said free shipping and no tax. Amazon charged tax. I used a Code PDEAL and paid 152.24.