Noodling for swordfish?


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:rofl: Now this is crazy!

Man catches swordfish with his bare hands
posted by Mark Blythe on Jan 9, 2008 8:46:37 PM

Sounds crazy, but he has pictures to prove it. I'll let the photos tell the story.

A man visiting Lucaya recently spotted a large fish swimming near shore.

He slowly approached a juvenile swordfish and wrestled it to the shoreline. After convincing his partner that they needed to spend a great deal of money to land swordfish, he proved his theory wrong by catching one with his bare hands.

It has not been determined if the fish was sick, or had been recenlty caught. After a few photos, and some cuts and bruises on the man who caught the fish, the fish was released.


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that fish was sick/had something wrong with it. swords are deep water fish only coming shallow at night to feed. no way a healthy sword would be that shallow during broad daylight/much less allowing someone to hand catch it.
interesting and cool.thanks for posting.