North Georgia Traditional Archery Club - July Shoot; Pictures Added....


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NGTA will hold its July Shoot on Sunday, July 14, 2013. The July Shoot is held on the second Sunday due to potential conflicts with the July 4 Holiday weekend.

We'll have our usual 3D course with 20 (20's plenty) targets. Of course, the shoot hosts might want a few more, but hopefully not. ::;

We'll get underway at 8:30 a.m. with the devotional time and will begin shooting immediately thereafter. We'll pull targets at 3:30 p.m.

The is the month for our annual business meeting. We will elect officers for next year and take care of any business that needs attention beginning at 2:00 p.m. We will lay out our plans for the 2014 season at this time as well and will be asking for volunteers for shoot hosts for next year. Please consider stepping up and helping your club out by volnteering to be a shoot host. We will offer you all the guidance and support that you might need to get you started and insure that you succeed.

Shoot fees, as usual, are:
Members - $5
Non-members - $10
Family of 4 or more - $15
First time shooters at our club are always FREE!
Lunch - $5 donation per person

We have bows and arrows that you can borrow if you lack equipment so don't use that as an excuse for not coming to visit with us.

Shoot hosts for this shoot are David "Skunkhound" Dwyer and Al "Al33" Chapman. I'm sure they both join me in saying we want you there.
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Looking forward to setting the course. This is my first time with hosting duties, so come on out and let's have a good crowd. Only a few shoots left to get your game up.


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Reminder to all, this is NOT our normal shoot date. We use the second Sunday in July to avoid conflict with July 4 holiday vacationers.

July 14 is the date!


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Just a scosh over 1 week away now. Been a long time since our last shoot.


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Setting it up tomorrow morning. Shooting it to be sure it's safe for Sunday. Got a few post holes to dig and a couple of rails to install. Making some safety improvements.
Thank you guys who are going out to do set up. I know it can't be easy dragging them things way back off the trails and trimming all the limbs. Along with this weather I know it's gotta be a pain. Thanks and can't wait to enjoy your setup tomorrow