North Georgia Traditional Archery Club - May 3-D shoot

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Sunday May 6, 2018 is the date for the next shoot at the North Georgia Traditional Archery Club.
We’ll have twenty targets set in the woods that will challenge your ability and provide loads of fun. As usual, the targets will be placed in true-to-life hunting type presentations. We hope you’ll come and take advantage of this great shooting opportunity. There will also be a good lunch provided, burgers and dogs with some trimmings, and a drink. We’ll begin with a short devotion at 9:00 a.m. and then it’s all the shooting you can get in until 3:00 p.m. when we pull the targets. Shoot as much as you want for one low price.

Shoot fees
Members - $5 each
Non-members - $10 each
Families – members with a family of three or more - $15
Non-members with families of three or more - $25
First time shooters at our club shoot for free.
Lunch - $5 each (donation to cover costs)

Memberships to our club are $25 and it’s a once in a life-time fee.

Our host for this shoot is Gene Bramblett.

You can find us at 2295 Lee Land Road, Gainesville, GA 30507. Look for our sign. Hope to see you on May 6.
Dutchman -
Thanks for the great fun at today's shoot ...
my family members got to experience and enjoy traditional archery in the fullest and for the 1st time to boot.
Hey .... does that rhyme? ... Nevermind :yawn:.
Meanwhile (with apologies facepalm: ) I realized driving home that I got away without paying my $5 member shoot fee.
Guess I'd better come back next month whereby I can do some evening up.
Will do.
C u then - rj.
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