Nostalgia for old guns


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I dog deer hunted with a few guys that fit the bill of the op. When I think of them, I think of the rifle that they carried. There were many REM 7400 30-06 in that lot.
Early on I decided that single shot rifles were the way to go. I've had a Ruger #1B in 7mm RemMag, a #1B that was a 30-06 that I rechambered to A.I., and 2 NEF's one in .270 and the other in 30/30 that I recently had rechambered to a.i. I have since sold, traded or just forgot where I put them, but I have both rifles in the A.I. configuration still with me. I had an old double barreled 12 ga. that I foolishly gave to my oldest son because I had to have an 1100..


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It's not an old gun, but an old caliber I recently bought, a 257 Roberts in a Ruger M77. Been wanting a 257 Bob for forever and they just don't come around that often for sale and VERY few new guns are chambered for it.
I got a JC Higgins 12 gauge from around 1915 that was my grandpas he got from Sears and Roebuck, I've never shot it just because of the shape its in. He was a big moonshiner, he got drunk one night and tried to shoot a fish and split the barrel on it so he sawed it off. Also got a Mossberg New Haven 283t 410 that is one of my most treasured guns. Got it when I was real young from my parents. It's not worth much but its worth a whole lot to me. That's why I still go to gun shows and buy older guns so that one day I can pass them on to my kids. New guns are nice but there is something about the old ones, kind of like cars. I hope to one day own a pre 64 model 70.
Can't hunt with this one, one reason is because I cannot find ammo(I think I can make some though) but mainly because I don't know what I'd hunt with it. Although some tungsten #10 for turkeys would make for some incredible converstion...
Anyway, how do you guys like this Fore Hand Arms X-L Shotgun in .38 caliber!!?? Screenshot_20181026-152012_Gallery.jpg