NOT Deer Season

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Jake Allen

Loiking Good Martin! I have been working for weeks too. Spraying foodplots to kill nutgrass and bahiagrass by the truckloads. Cleaning up roads, putting out minerals and putting allot of foot-time on the ground scouting for persimmon and nuts.
It's closer now hunting arrows tipped with Woodsmans, Zwickey, and have a couple Magnus 2's touched up and ready to go. Got a couple of trees picked out on some near by WMA's,and getting harder to sleep with the anticipation, Still a little work to be done.
Dry run this weekend in the yard with the Lone Wolf sticks (3) and light muddy stand.Took 12 minutes start to finish, measured the height at about 15ft to the stand seat. I ran it pretty smooth without much stress, one of my run and gun sets. Getting closer task are getting shorter before season.