Not New But Back

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Hello....took a few years off from here but am back. Been here before the server crash which a few on here might remember. Those were the really great times.

No....was not in prison but just got tired of the driveling and net nannies.

Looking forward to adding my 02 whether good advice or not. Just gonna stick with what I know or not know :D


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Welcome back and enjoy!
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Man I missed your avatar.. Welcome back
I just kept it cause it is so easy to find while scrolling thru posts.

I mean I can change it to a harvest photo but who wants to see a lame deer vs a hot cheerleader and no I am not a Cowboys fan. Fan of my 3 in the morning:banana:


I remember your avatar. :D
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Doing good Kmac....killing a few deer here and there. Might post them up in a few days. Nothing huge but good deer for the family property.

Good luck this season...