Not quite Bear Hunting, but a bear question?

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I am having trouble at my mountain home in Mineral Bluff with a bear. I have about 1/3 of an acre covered with mulch around my cabin. It appears that a bear has developed a taste for grubs that are in the mulch layer. The problem begins when the bear encounters the corrugated plastic gutter tubes buried in the ground under the mulch. They are ripping them in small pieces and pulling them out of the ground when they run into them. This has happened three times. The tubes are tore into small pieces, have bite marks on them and the bottom of the gutters are damaged when they rip the tube up. I am getting tired of replacing them. Is there something I could spread around the yard to deter this activity?
I can't think of anything you could spread to deter a bear. I know some people spread milorganite on food plots to deter deer, but I'm not sure there is anything that will deter a bear that has learned of a food source.

Folks with bee hives use an electric fence to keep bears out of their honey. You might look into this.

You got any pics of the damage?
Lead would be the best option! Think today may be the last day though. Electricity like previous mentioned would be the best bet. Once they find food they just keep coming. I'm sure you spread something to kill grubs but not sure what that would be. If you got hogs close by they sure do like grubs.
I've seen this before, no joke, I'd be willing to bet that bear is after something else. I went to a house back in the summer to fix their computer, they had this exact same thing happen, it turns out that the bear was after a rabbit that went up their drain line and died. Apparently it could smell the dead rabbit and dug everything in their small yard up until it got to the drain lines from the downspout. The bear then pulled up the plastic drain lines and even tore the downspout off the house. The home owners finally found the dead rabbit after they smelled it. They removed the rabbit and the bear never came back. You could have some type of rodent in your drain lines.
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I capped the ends of the lines a while back as I suspected something was running into them to escape. It may be they associate the tube with a prior successful meal? They have been back to do more damage since I took this step.
What to use to deter bears

When camping in bear country it is best to run a rope around the perimeter of the campand tie cloth strips to it dipped in terpentine.
I capped the ends of the lines a while back as I suspected something was running into them to escape. It may be they associate the tube with a prior successful meal? They have been back to do more damage since I took this step.
Yea, that's kind of strange their doing that, as suggested, mothballs might work. Or antifreeze:biggrin2:
First and foremost, do not use normal pest repellants, even if they contain capsacian. Those usually contain putrified egg solids, and that will only attract the bears. There is a product called nite-guard that is intended to repel predators, however as the name implies, it only works at night. Bears are a different kind of animal. Much of your damage is likely or possibly occuring during the day. Like Cutter said, I hate to say it, but lead is the best method. Electric fencing is an expensive option, and is unsightly if you're trying to maintain a certain aesthetic to your property, but it is also a lasting and long term solution to your problem.
ive got alot of places this has happened at..repaced with 4"pvc and have not had any more issues.the corogated ridges fill with dirt and leaves making good dirt for worms.i think moles are going in them to get the worms..and there after the moles.just my guess. the pvc pipe doesnt hold anything and washes out good with each rain.
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I am thinking about a three pronged approach:

1-Grub Killer
2-Moth Balls
3-Electronic Deterrent/ Electronic Dog Barker
Solar electric fence is not too expensive. A charger and a battery, and some quick set posts and fabric wire. Go to tractor supply and they’ll educate you. Just replying to someone else’s suggestion.

I too had rats in the drain pipes. Something ripped a section of mine up and I found rat nests in it. I proceed to carry it off and a big momma rat with three huge babies sucking and stuck on her teats fell out. Perhaps your bears are chasing them too.
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Through the use of game cameras I have found that a local group of night wandering dogs is destroying my downspouts. It appears that their owner lets them out at night. Other neighbors have reported the same issue. I have set up a fence charger to educate the offenders and contacted the Fannin County animal control. Animal control is trying to locate the dogs through the pictures I supplied.