NW Mississippi?? **update**

My buddy who owns a share of a very nice club just north of greenwood hasn't pulled the trigger since Sunday
Just got back from the St. Charles area of AR. The weather was cold (finally) and the fronts we’re moving, but the ducks just weren’t there. 10 hunters killed 74 over three days.


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A buddy went ahead of us to tunica because he lives closer and reported we should stay home. We were to leave yesterday.
Just got home. We didn’t fill the truck bed but we had a good time. 17 ducks and 4 geese. My pup did great and retrieved his first wild ducks. He did show signs of hypothermia Sat and was put in the truck with the heater on to warm up for awhile. Boykins that young don’t tolerate cold real well. It was slow everywhere around us with ducks around but high moving north. Lots of snow geese moving north too