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Headed to Oahu (Waikiki beach) end of Feb. Has any one had a guide trip down there? or fished on the island any were. Any advise please. Thanks.
There are several guides on the Island. The few trips I took, were with some fishing charters at the Air Force base. Unfortunately, if you don't have access to military installations, you can't go with them. In Hawaii, it is common for the boat captains to keep the catch. Very few will give you a small portion of fish for you to take with you. The few times I went, I paid extra to go top water fishing for Mahi Mahi/dorado/dolphin. The trips are a bit expensive and success is not that high. Think of it as an expensive boat ride, and you won't be disappointed. By the way, I lived there for 3 years and did mostly shore fishing. There isn't a more beautiful place to get skunked at though!
Oh ,they will give you brochures when you get to the airport or downtown Waikiki that advertise bottom fishing trips. It is usually a tourist trap with many Japanese tourist. You will end up forking over quite a bit of money and catch nothing but the unofficial state fish. They apologized to us when they found out we lived there. To me, that meant they knew they were ripping off people. If you need any other info, fell free to message me and I can help with whatever I can!


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Fished there several years ago with grand slam charters on the north shore great captain and mate caught more fish than we were allowed to keep


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Thanks for the tips.
If it isn't too late, Hi-Tide Charter is good. He targets bonefish on the Fly and GT on poppers. Great guy and not to pricy. You will definitely get shots at monster bonefish if that is you gig. If you don't fly fish, I am sure he can put you on monster bonefish with a spinning outfit.
If you like to fly fish, there is some decent DIY bonefish fishing just past Diamond Head out of Waikiki Beach. Miles of bonefish flats with lots of fish, but they are spooky as all get out. The locals fish for them to eat. Also a lot of Blue Trevally at the reefs on the edge of the flats.