OBD2 Bluetooth Analyzer?

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I see a lot of these things around.

I’m wondering if you folks have found a decent one...

Trying to track down a suspected coil pack problem, and I could use something like this which would talk to a smartphone while I’m driving to isolate the coil.

Found any good models? (There seem to be a zillion, but I’m not sure which ones are worth fooling with.)


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I've only tried one app that reads codes and data, Torq , but it doesn't give you enough data to be able to do that, I don't know of any smart phone app that will give you misfire data, it takes a pretty good scanner to be able to do that. About the only thing those smart phone apps are good for are pulling codes, or clearing them.

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There is no magic machine that will give you the problem, it will only give the system where the fault may be. Even with the best diagnostic scanner you still need a person who understands the data to pin point the fault.


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Not too sure those smartphone OBDII apps will give a detailed diagnostic report. The OBDII scanner I have in my toolbox will pinpoint a misfire by the cylinder #.

What symptoms are you getting to 'suspect' a coil pack problem?