Ocasio-Cortez hits back at Dems fretting over her ‘Twitter star’ status

Some of the old dem cronies will topple her soon enough.

They don't like sharing the stage. See nancy's reaction everytime she has to let Schumer talk.

Sharks eat sharks...I've see it happen a few times in the ocean too. Always exciting. It comforts me to know a bigger shark will come up and take a big chunk off her soon enough. She's flailing around just about right....
She’s like a baby seal splashing around on the surface while down below the great white is going “Because hey, where does she think she’s going?”.
I vote for making her speaker of the house. I would rather look at her than Nancy. Ha.

she is drawing critics in the more established parts of the House Democratic caucus, who are reportedly mounting an operation to bring her into line -- with warnings that she will be on her own and ineffective if she keeps "sniping" inside the party tent.
Reckon some day she will be taught some tough lessons to better respect her Dem elders.

Not expecting her to have been invited on the Democrat chartered jet to party in Puerto Rico for the weekend.

I'm hearing this new Twitter Queen knows how to dance, too.