Ocmulgee river two day

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Want to float from Jackson lake **** camp a night and take out at 83. Would love to catch a shoalie and good bream. Anyone that’s over done it would love to her some tips


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HEY. It's a nice trip. But I don't go if the flow is over 5-1/2. There's a nice place to camp below wize.. creek on left. Used to go all time when I lived over there. But seance moving to Loganville. Don't get down there as much.. I just use small spinners and catch a lot of nice red Brest.
Its beautiful. Last year we camped at Wise Creek takeout for two nights and shuttled ourselves up to the dam several times over the course of the weekend. However, the WISE CREEK takeout is currently closed down due to a retaining wall giving way to erosion and the rebar/spikes that were holding the retaining wall up are sticking out into the water in a life threatening/impaling kind of way apparently. May not sound a like a big deal but there is a rapid at the takeout that shoots you directly into the retaining wall(where the spikes are) whether you want to go or not.

We wanted to go back there for our yearly camping trip again coming up on July 6th but we're having to relocate due to the closure. I called the Forest Ranger district office to confirm a few weeks back and they told me that the job is too big for them to fix and will likely have to call in a contractor with big machinery to fix it. He was talking late summer to fix at best. I'll be surprised if its any time soon. Maybe my faith in government entities quickly moving the proper necessary paperwork through to get the repair done isn't what it needs to be.

We hit Smith Shoals several times over the weekend. People flipped kayaks and lost gear and that was at a moderately low flow. Maybe their kayaking skills were not up to snuff. All I'm saying is be ready.

There may be opportunities to camp on the numerous islands heading down to Wise Creek. The islands are huge and there has to be some 'beat out' places that someone has used before. There is an island at WISE creek that i have heard of some folks using if water is not high. You can see it on the satellite image.


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I was just down there a few weekend ago. I see it was closed. But I got in and walk up to sholls. Probably catch 25 bass and a mess of brim