Oconee River Bream

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Hey guys. I will be doing a float down the oconee river memorial day weekend near Dublin (Beaverdam to Country Club Rd.) and want to try and catch some bream. Ive been a few times but with no luck. I wanted to hear from people who have fished this area regularly. What water level is best for bream and fishing in general for that matter and what areas in the river typically hold them. Im am new to river fishing and just looking for a little guidance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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When fishing a river, I have my best luck with worms. I can’t hardly get a river bream to eat a cricket.
When you head down from Beaverdam the next landing is the Johnson County Boat landing. Right beside the landing is the mouth of Deep Creek. If the water is right you can catch a few up in there. Usually lots of people though on Memorial Weekend.