oconee stripers

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hey guys - newbie here .. we're going striper fishing wed 1/31/18 , I am relatively familiar with oconee , just haven't been this year , anyone been lately want to give a little push in the right direction?


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I rarely Fish oconee, but I bet they will be some boats in sight of the bouy line at dam.
I was told that there are a LOT of birds up at I-20, find the birds diving and you will likely find the fish... Other good places are the mouth of Sugar Creek,, The pipeline, and the lower end is good... try dropping a spoon or a drop shot at the base of those huge rocks down the lake-where it is deep...GL


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Go longlining for crappie and you will find all you want.

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FInd the birds and drop a Flex-it or Captain Mack spoon to them, give it a few tugs and you should get bit.
Good top water bite this am at the mouth of the cove that Jerrys bait and tackle is in. Mostly hybrids and white bass but did manage a 5-6lb striper on the 8wt.