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I will go ahead and say that this is not a trail cam picture but I didn’t know where else to post that would more appropriate. I took this pic with my phone out of my living room window this morning. This Red Shouldered Hawk has hung out around our place for years. He works on the bullfrogs and snakes pretty hard but has never bothered the chickens. The two pairs of mergansers moved in a couple weeks ago. The hawk will dive bomb them, hover over them and pester them from the bank. He doesn’t ever try to catch one. It’s more he like he is trying to run them off. The mergs aren’t the least bit concerned by him. It’s funny what goes on out there if you are looking around to see it. 24DB5FE5-BF37-4DFA-8B5E-10667BC9B506.jpeg
That's pretty wild! Great pic.


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Sweet view. He might be gettin up his nerve.


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Thanks for sharing . He don't want them messing with his buffet. They better leave them frogs be are they might become the buffet. LOL.
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I have tried to get video. I’ve got my bino’s set up on a tripod in the living room and I took the pic through them. I can’t keep the relief right long enough to get a video 😂. The pond is about 150 yards from the house.


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Thats pretty neat. Used to have ysrd chickens and one day a huge hawk pounced on a young mid sized one. Believe it or not a little mockingbird started dive bombing the hawk and ran it off. The chicken was fine.