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Here's a small case that has a couple items I've shown individually. The drilled shell from the cave and the unknown polished stone in the center are two pieces that I've already shown in threads. The upper right piece is a piece of sheet mica from North GA (found in FL) that was used as a mirror. It's been damaged by time, but think of how valuable that would have been to one of the chief's wives. These are rare and even harder to find intact. This is something that would have most likely been buried with the person when they died had they died a normal death. I think the people of this village were killed by outside people in a sneak attack.

The second row of pottery shards are from New Mexico. They are Anasazi Black on White and Red on Black. I'm always looking down and even have some Aztec pottery I found at Chichen Itza. There are a couple of drilled pottery shards and these were used as patch holes. When pottery broke unexpectedly, instead of making a new pot, they would fix the one they had. Holes would be drilled in the broken part and the adjacent part of the bowl that was intact. Wet leather would be tightly inserted through the drilled holes and tied and when the leather dried, it would contract and hold the broken pieces securely in place.

There are two deer antler tips that were used for knapping. They are very good for pressure flaking or to remove precise flakes.

There are three smooth stones used as tools. The small round stone was a pecking stone. You can see the micro abrasions if you zoom in on the picture. The other two stones were most likely used to smooth clay when making pots. Both were found a long way from water.