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We have a track of land in hancock county that i will be living at next year and attending college in milledgeville. since i will be on the land alot more and will have more time to spend in the woods and take care of the property more. we have gotten a few pics of both yotes and bobcats along with many pics of coons. what kind of traps do yall use and how do you bait one in. I have seen pics people have posted using what looks like decent sized foot trap and a pan of bait, food, mixture of some sort. since i new to all of this any help would be great and extreamly helpful. if there is already a link feel free to post it. hopefully with yalls imput i will be as sucessful as "molly" one day, they know how to get it done.


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Like so many on here, I use MB-550's from Minnesota Trapping Supply. I have caught fox, possums, coons, skunk, bobcats, and coyotes with them. I use mostly dirthole and scent post sets, which can both be seen on YouTube.


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thanks you. i am going to pull it up on youtube and see what i can figure out. ill have to take a look at thoses mb-550's, they look good
I am new to trapping myself; however it has quickly turned into an addiction. I live in Milledgeville. I would be glad to let you look at some mb-550s and share what little I know.
Bass pro in Macon has recently begun selling some trapping supplies. They carry dukes, which I have no experience with. However, when I held the duke and the mb-550 side by side there was no comparison.
If your serious about trapping, I would recommend that you attend the coyote 101 class put on by familytraprz and barehunter. It will cut down on the learning curve significantly.

Check out these sites
Minnesota Trap line Products
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I have not gotyen around to reading the book yet but I did watch the video on dirt hole sets. I like that idea and I think that's how I am going to start off. What kind of attraction scents do yall use. In the video they use fox and coyote pee I was thinkin more mouse? Thoughts or suggestions? Has anyone ever used and kind of raw meat to attract them?