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i have been fishing apalachicola all of my life and we now have a boat that i can venture offshore with and need some advice and some #'s maybe . if anybody has any input about the area i would greatly appreciate it. we keep our boat at bay city lodge if any body knows where that is.

big c

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st. george

about 14 mi. out of the cut is the miss angela,it is great for snapper and grouper about 75', about 28 mi. out of cut a sunken ship called empire mica great for eveverthing about 100'


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also woods and water has a yearly publication of gps numbers of each county in the big bend area, I think its the April edition


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i'm selling my boat - the majority of the #'s i used were public and some of the better ones that i found were very close to the public #'s-most public #s offshore are placed there for very good reasons- there close to proven sites- just look around a little while you are there, and keep your eye on the bottom machine and finger on the gps mob button!
I was just :stir:to many folks don't want to put in the time and fuel it takes to get good numbers. I don't mind helping out with a few numbers to get someone started.

What boat are you selling.


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03 cape horn offshore 19ft-its listed in the swap and sell-if you know of anyone in the market let me know-its like new- i've got it listed at nada average value and its way above avg.

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SG off-shore numbers

I'm also heading off to St. George for vacation in July. We'll be talking our boat with us to do some off-shore fishing. To those who have sent some numbers via PM's, any chance you could extend your kindness to another GON'er and PM 'em to me as well? :type:

I'll save ya a grouper fillet!

Dennis, send me your email address. what boat you are fishing and where you are from.
I'm not sure if there will be any snapper or grouper left in the gulf per Roy Crabtree.
Don't try to pass off any of those talapia (ditch fish) fillets as grouper for payment. I'll be checking for worms to make sure it's the genuine article.
My goodness how things have changed. I can remember that when I used to ask for numbers, I was told to plug in TOW...Time on Water :biggrin2:
Most of the numbers I give out are from the bridge. There are around 100 numbers for spans and rubble. If you look at the list of public numbers for them they only show the corners.
I'll help out a newbe or my fellow Ga fisherman. I was lucky enough to have others help me and I just want to return the favor. Also my boat is in the shop and you may want me to ride with you to use some non public numbers. I have some good ones.