Ogeechee River Trek

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Hey, has any body canoe camped the Ogeechee from US Hwy 1 near Louisville all the way to Hwy 17 at the coast in one trip? Looks like about 160 miles. How many days would that take? Taking everything you need, no stops.
Yeah, fish hawk is right, a lot of variables and 10-15 is reasonable but it is going to change with water level. I went from Midville to Fort McAllister back in 1987 and took 8 days. However, on the lower part I was really putting in some hard ones. First light till dusk dark right at the summer solstice! Had a rendezvous to make and no cell phone back then. Still a great trip though. That river at normal summer levels can be a series of still lakes separated by narrow forks and cutthroughs that offer some real challenges if you aren't packing light. No problem catching fish back then. With good weather and the right level it should be a fun outing! Good luck!