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alright where's all my Oglethorpe county crowd??

i have been in the stand 6 times down there, been rained out twice, killed 2 does and seen a bunch more does and small bucks......what has everyone else been seeing??


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Been in Oglethorpe two different weekends so far. I have seen does each time. No bucks yet.
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hunted saturday morning (oct. 3rd) finally seen a shooter buck but he stayed in the thicket and would never come out, he was one of the best bucks i've ever seen while bowhunting, definate p&y. hate it i didn't get a shot but thankful i got to see him atleast!!!

heading down this coming saturday (10-10). i still have cameras soaking since early in the month. vacation and ?flu? have kept me away for a while now.

last set of pics, from the 3 weeks before the holiday had a number of small things on them. several of a doe/fawn, a first for me on the spots!... 1 small fork tine 4. and a few big fat hogs!!!

and man... do i have the itch!!! the 50 is ready!


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hunted saturday morning (oct. 3rd) finally seen a shooter buck but he stayed in the thicket and would never come out, he was one of the best bucks i've ever seen while bowhunting, definate p&y. hate it i didn't get a shot but thankful i got to see him atleast!!!
Thats great. I have hunted the same place in Oglethorpe for 20+ yrs. We have definately started killing bigger deer in the last several years. I believe folks are starting to let the small ones walk. Good luck and hope you get him.
very slow today!

was out today, ml opener. man, was it slow.

i saw as many deer on the road driving over then as i did in the field. 1. the road deer was a buck. small 4p. the one in the field ... didnt get a good look. busted out of a bed while i was leaving just after noon.

had cameras out the last 4 weeks. VERY LITTLE on them too.

i hope cooler weather comes along soon.

several appearances by a big boar hog. a few by a little spike, and a few of the solo appearances by a nanny doe, without the fawn seen earlier.

hope everyone else made out better then me.


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I have hunted the last 2 Saturdays and havent seen a thing while sitting in the stand. It seems they are moving at night. Is anybody else having any luck seeing movement in Oglethorpe?
oglethorpe this season

saw several does, few young bucks 7pm till dark. saw 1 good buck 7pm on sun eve.1 1/ 2 weeks ago. not much goin on yet on am hunts. workin alot on sat ams. also saw few hogs once.

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i have gotten 3 does in the northern part of the county, but hot weather, few muscadines/crabapples, and full moon the last week has been a little slow. the white oaks are dropping at my house in gwinnett i just wonder if they are at the club. this weekend should be great,,, the cold pressure system, cool weather should have em on the move
a good (wet!) day on the farm!

the fact that no one has a weekend report is a little bothersome!

a pretty good saturday morning, if you were a duck... and even a deer hunter! gotta love the rain!

hunting buddy and i saw a total of 8, mostly in the morning. doe, skinhead, very small bucks.

they were moving all day. had some pics between morning and afternoon on one of the cams... several shots in the area, a few very close.

also spoke with 2 neighbors. they reported several sightings, but not the big boy they were looking for.


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I saw a total of three Saturday morning and shot one doe. The rain was awful. My husband shot a doe on Sunday morning and saw a spike. My brother in law shot a 5 pt Sunday morning. I sat for a couple of hours with our 7 and 5 year old kids, but didn't see anything.
Good luck.


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Took my second floppy ear of the muzzleloader season on Friday morning. Saw a total of five that morning. Hunted Saturday in the rain without seeing anything.

Climbed into the same stand on Sunday morning and shot a 4.5 or 5.5 year old buck. 11 points with a split brow tine. Weighed 190. His neck was swollen, his hocks black, and he stunk. He was ready.
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well i just got back from Canada on sunday so i missed m/l weekend and opening weekend of gunseason, way to go Fredw!!
the reports i got from my dad and one of my friends that hunt the farm i do was.... my dad seen small 1.5y/o 8pt, small 6pt a spike and a few does..... my buddy 8 y/o son killed his first deer (doe) on saturday morning and he seen a 2.5 y/o 8pt, 4pt and a stud 3.5 y/o 10 pt on sunday afternoon, said the 10 pt was following a doe, he said he was the best looking buck he has seen on the farm that was not old enough to shoot yet, can't wait to get down there this weekend and hopefully see a shooter but if not at least get some good video of some good bucks, i would like to see the 10pt he seen just to get some video of him!!
good luck to everyone!!
didnt make it out last weekend, but did hit it thursday, before the rain.

not too much moving... but... while sitting on a drain, trying to head off the trail to my camera, i could see the flash going off... i just couldnt see over the hill.

the camera got several pics of a big old nanny doe! previous pics of this one almost always had 2 young'uns around.

saw a few standing in the middle of the road returning from lunch. big doe and 2 antlerless... a box turtle too.

i did get an owl... :eek: the thing was in the road as i rounded a corner... i wish i'd have missed that. vs a 4x4... not much of a match.

saw a truck in area with nice size rack in the back on the same day. someone was successful.

saturday... neighbor reported shooting large doe.

and a report on a little exotic action... for us uglythorpers... you may have seen this guy and his friends before.


this past week.

was out on thursday and saturday.

thursday: didnt see much. saw 2 deer on the roads... 1 young spike before dark, and one as i was leaving at sunset. shot and hit pig, but couldnt find. as i was leaving, i think my local "tracking dogs" (yotes) found him!!! they were howling like crazy.

saturday: cloudy and overcast. HOT and HUMID!!! hunted in a long sleeve short, which was only to keep the bugs off. i was still HOT! the deer were just not moving. didn't see anything at all. well.. the squirrels did provide some entertainment.

the pattern from thursday to saturday, by trail cam pics, has most of the activity at night. i guess the warmer last few days had them moving in the dark.

anyone else seeing much or anything?


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I saw one buck in the thicket at 9:18 Saturday morning but couldnt get a shot and two guys on our club both killed 8 pointers. I hunted Saturday afternoon from 1:30 until dark and Sunday morning and didnt see a thing. After is has warmed back up I am not getting near the photos on my camera as I was during the cool spell and the ones I am getting are at night also. On a side note both the bucks that were killed were starting to turn and one was with a doe when shot. I dont think its going to be long until the rut.
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real slow this past weekend, seen 10 deer total all weekend, 2 young 8 pts, several spikes and one 4pt, rest were does
Oglethorpe co club

going down Wed afternoon and hunt thur Sun :cool: :fine:
hope to see some big bucks running /chasing
best weather we had in a few weeks and moon going down ,
should be near rut or just a little early
I ,ve always like the 9 -16 of Nov
but w/ the weather so good I/am going
now , and hope to hunt hard next week also
good luck to all and be safe
what a difference a few days make. compared to last saturday, they were moving yesterday... thursday...

saw a few does... nice to see...

then a nice sized boy was grunting at me... grunted back... he came a running. took a VERY POOR SHOT AND MISSED. but...

saw a few others too...

and, in the interest of the upcoming turkey season... the birds were going crazy!!! it sounded like 10 or 15 birds going at it... just over the hill. even have some tc pics of 3 or 4 birds...

come on sunday!!!