Ohio Gun Season Lease REDUCED AGAIN $500

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Looking for 2 guys to go with us up to OH to hunt 271 acres in Belmont County during gun season 11/28-12/3. This is prime hunting that boarders Egypt Valley Wilderness Area (over 1800 acres of public hunting). Lease price is $500 per person. Ohio is shotgun only and cost does not include $125 for out of state license and $25 for each deer tag.

Serious and safe hunters only please.


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There is no way I could go this year but if you have an open spot next year please let me know a little earlier and I would love to go.
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Have you hunted this land before, what does the land consist of crop and such...
I have not hunted this piece of property but I have hunted all around that county and the deer are big and there are lots of them. I talked with the guys from PA who have leased it for the past 5 years and they have had lots of success tagging big bucks with bow and gun in addition to great turkey hunts. They switched leases last month when the land owner aquired a bigger farm that better fit the needs of their large group. If we like what we see this year we can be first in line to lease for all of 2012.
Give me a call tonight if you are interested (I have 3 guys asking about the hunt).

Check out the land at www.eaglerockadventures.com
Go to galleries and click on Smith Bottoms.