OK...I took the 4 month old Brittany out

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on real (not wild) birds this weekend. I found some left over roosters from last year from a local hatcher. I hid seven on Friday grouped up 2,2,2, and then 1. I hid seven individual birds on Saturday in different spots. I put Ollie down downwind of the birds and he went to every single bird both days and held point pretty good. Eventually he would inch closer and closer and the bird would fly or either take off running (it was hot of course so the birds were lazy). I did let him chase the birds because I wanted him to have fun and get his interest up. I never let him catch one always calling him back off the bird. When he exits the buggy/cart and I say "find bird" he is definitely hunting with a purpose to find a bird. He zig zags through the 8 acre area smelling and searching. I took him back out to the 8 acre parcel yesterday in the drizzle and he actually found and pointed 2 more that remained on the property over night.

What concerns me a little is I have seven birds left and I have them caged in the shade at my house but honestly he doesn't seem interested in them while they are in the cage. He will slowly smell around the cage but that's about it. He wanders off like they do not interest him.

Where would you experienced guys go from here? Should I continue to put him on birds a couple of times a month? I have not spent anytime trying to teach heel. He walks fine on a leash sometimes ahead of me a bit (not tugging really) and sometimes at my side but I don't want him walking next to me while he is hunting I want him out front looking for birds.


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Keep doing what you are doing, birds make a bird dog. You can't put too many birds in front of him. If you could get a buddy to help one day, you could put a check cord on him and when he points get the cord and let your buddy go flush the bird. If he breaks just set him back, it will give him the mental picture of someone getting out in front of him, and start laying the foundation that YOU want to flush the bird, not him. I agree with letting young pups chase the birds also, it creates an attitude. Sounds like your on track to make a nice little bird dog.


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As for your other concerns I wouldn't worry to much about them. If your pup is out actively hunting, and pointing the birds in the field, and chasing them when they get up, he is plenty birdy. I wouldn't worry in the least that he don't have any interests in birds in a cage. As for heal, thats a command to teach later in your yard work, don't worry about that now. Heal is actually the last command I teach my dogs. Right now, my main concern would be to start using a check cord and teach him not to flush birds, then in another month or so I would start yard training on whoa, and when thats finished he will be ready to learn to HOLD point formally. Good luck.