ok let's do favorite movies that went thru theaters

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Wide Earp

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Enemy at the gates
Ghostbusters, the first
Undercover Brother
Smokey and the Bandit
Stroker Ace


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All the new Star Wars and Marvel movies. Being pulled into this kinda stuff since my kids are into it...

Also, I remember seeing Apollo 13 in the theatre. Still one of my favorite movies to this day.
I would have to say the Major box office hits that I actually went to a theater for to see them were, The Exorcist, and Star Wars.

The lines were unbelievable back in those days to see those Movies at our closest local Movie theaters.
Some of my favorite ones that I actually went to the theater to see. *indicates the drive-in movies:

The Revenant
First Blood
*Walking Tall (the original one with Joe Don Baker, not that crappy remake with the Rock.) This was the first movie I ever saw "at the movies."
Last of the Mohicans
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Dances With Wolves (the last two are pretty much the same movie, one in space, one in the old west. :) )
NCHB, I actually met Bufford Pusser when I was around 8 years old. He came to the Golden gloves boxing matches at our home town. He was big buddies with our Sheriff Ottie Adkins. I remember he was a big man that looked slam wore out. I was too young to know or appriciate who he was at the time. It was before the movies came out.


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Jeremiah Johnson
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (despite the fact that my wife sighed at one point when Paul Newman walked across the screen, truth).


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Can't remember how many time for me. :bounce:I think we always went at midnight.:huh:
Yep, every Fri. & Sat. at midnight at Aikers Mill or the Silver Screen Drive In from my 13th bday till I was almost 17. Just glad I out grew all the costumes I had. ;):ROFLMAO: