Okay I've got a really stupid question about a truck

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I've never owned a truck before and I'm thinking about purchasing a used Toyota Tundra. My question is a 4x4 absolutely necessary for off roading? Really the only off road driving I'll be doing is the occasional WMA and driving enterior deer lease roads.
The best mud vehicle I ever had on a wma was a 1983 Chrysler fifth ave. Talk about a mud vehicle. That car pulled me out of places a 4x4 shoulda been left to rot. Not kidding either.
you can get a 4x4 stuck. you can get a 4x2 stuck even quicker. You have to plan ahead, and know not to start into a place that might give you trouble. Having said that, I would buy a 4x4
I spend countless more days driving pavement than I do getting stuck by far.
Having said that, I was stranded overnight out of gas no heat in 4 inches of snow. Needless to say I did not plan properly that day.
So yes planning is key 100%. I still rather have a two wheel drive 99% of the time. I carry ropes and a come a long and still was stuck so I do what I can, go where I might shouldn’t and turn around when I see a mud pit. If I get stuck I hunt the next morning till 10 am and start looking for a truck to help. If I see someone stuck I attempt to help them out also. I do not want a 4x4 everyday. I do want a winch somedays. Keep extra good tires during huntin season that’s for sure.
For driving dirt roads, most wmas, and some small closed canopy trails yes a 2wd if fine.
You can go all terrain tires and a winch(or come along) and you will be fine. 4wd is just luxury.
Is the trd ready to race the Baja 1000, rock climb, or sink in a mud hole? No. Not if you care about longevity.
Is it ready to cruise dirt roads, wmas, and some smaller trails? Yes


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If you're gonna buy a 2wd truck, might as well get a mini van.

Seriously though, I've used 4wd soooo many times outside of hunting, and I live in kennesaw. Snow storms, flash floods, crawling over medians to do u turns in stand still traffic, etc. 4wd ain't that much more. It's better to have and not need than need and not have.

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I've had 4wds since I started driving (it's been some years now) but now that older I have a 2wd f150 and i don't miss 4wd on a daily basis but that said for huntin I do have a 4wd tacoma and a 4wd mule I rarely use it in both if use good judge most times you will be fine .as said above a set of a/t or mild m/t tires wouldn't be a bad idea
I hunted wma's and remote places for years out of a 73 Ford van, 2wd, but during hunting season I put skinny tires on the front and gumbo mudders on the rear, I had built a bed in the back of the van and storage under the bed for toolbox, camping gear, come a long, chains, etc,etc, it had enough weight over the rear tires to give it the traction needed to go through mud and up slick hills,

The biggest drawback to a 2wd pickup is there is no weight on the rear tires, all the weight is up front and the rear axle has to push it, so anytime the road is slick , its going to spin. I now drive a pickup because it suits my needs better , and in my mind it has to be 4wd or its worthless to me, Back in 2014 it took me 10hrs to get home from Sandy Springs to Douglasville when we had " icemaggedon" , I'd have never gotten home if I had 2wd.

you can work with 2wd off road, but you have to plan accordingly, weight over the rear tires, and not just 100lbs, more like 400-500 or more, to make the rear tires dig in, good tires that will self clean the mud and dirt, and of course, snatch strap, chains, come a long or winch in case you still get stuck. if you're going to be in slick muddy places do NOT put big wide tires on the front of a 2wd truck, they will turn into skis and hold the mud and then you can't steer .
I have had 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive. when I WAS YOUNG and broke I got stuck plenty. I now have 4 wheel drive, I drive every where in 2 wheel drive and when I think I might get stuck I put it in 4 wheel drive and go home.
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So I have found two really nice 4x4 Tacoma's the exact same price. They both have about the same amount of mileage. One has been lifted, but is really clean and has brand new nice mud tires. Should I avoid the lifted one? I've heard that you should not buy a lifted truck?
I would avoid it, for a variety of reasons, you don't know who did the work, whether it was done correctly or not ? may not be able to know what brand lift kit was used, and in general lifted trucks don't drive the same as the factory setup, and generally dont' ride as smooth as a factory setup truck.

Also, depending on how much it was lifted, it may require you or your passengers to " hop " into the truck, which gets really old after a while, and generally because of the way you have to "hop" or jump into the truck, and slide out of the seat when getting out, you usually end up wearing the outer edge of the seat down, more so than if you left it the stock height.