Prayers said.

Somehow we figured out that my little brother dated his wife when they were in high school. Have had some good conversation with him.
Update Rita posted on FB:

Ok I am not as good as Donna on updates but I will try. They took him off dialysis at 7 last night but he still has some fluid so they r going to do that again sometime today. Really want him off pain meds so he will wake up. Kidneys working some still has breathing tube but only at 40% so he is breathing some on his. Not out of woods by no means, but still hopeful . Thanks everyone for all the prayers an good thought, God knows we need them, an to my friends an family who have came to stay with me to keep me from loosing it. God bless all of you. Love to all Rita
Thanks, prayers for continued improvement.
Thanks for posting the update, Jeff.
Just seeing this, I too enjoyed his wit & humor, HATE knowing he had to be on the vent, seeing someone you love on it is NOT fun! Prayers for a speedy recovery!!::;
Praying for you olcowman. Keep coming towards the light!
That is good news, prayers continued and amplified from here.