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Old Guy Accessible

In forty years when I ask my buddy Dick Joyner how he spent his 69th birthday I know how he will reply. He will say something like, “You remember Ol’ Captain. That is the day we spent making the Carp Shark more Old Guy accessible!”

When people ask me how does a 6’7”, 250 lb, 65 year old man get in and out of a 17 ft canoe safely I simply reply, “Very carefully.” But that all changed today and just in time for warmer weather to come!

I’ve had a few makeshift boards across the beams on our boat lift, but it was only a matter of time before I’d be in the drink. The project was needed badly and was way overdue. When we began our task this morning the beams were clean and ready for a makeover.

Our first order of business was to cut the two angle iron V’s off the beam. After that, we cut up a few old aluminum bleachers that Dick had to make the floor and then we bolted them to the beam.

Dick tested it out first and then it was the Ol Cappy’s turn!

Being bolted to the beam the platform of course will go under water when the lift is lowered into the creek. But being aluminum instead of wood the water runs right off when the lift comes back up plus it is much lighter than my previous wooden “boardwalk.”

While we were at it Dick added a “Bow Stop” which acts much like the tennis ball in your garage. When you get to that point, you simply stop.

After Dick left to really celebrate his Birthday, I decided to add the two vertical beams back to further guide the canoe into the sweet spot. I wrapped a half noodle around each beam to further protect my precious vessel.

So now all I have to do is step aboard and use the hanging controls to let myself down and reverse the process on my return!

I just can’t wait to talk about this memory with Dick forty years from now!

Realizing that we are so blessed to have so many wonderful friends, Max and I made a victory lap around Maximus Island and then back home in honor of our friend’s Birthday! Thanks so much Dick! It was a birthday that I’ll never forget!



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I just turned 64 and I would need one more board closer to the canoe to make a successful step over. ;) The vertical boards would also help stabilize the step over.

Great job