Old trail camera pics and photos

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I came across these pics in an old book I located for a customer and though I'd share a few. The author used small trip rope to set off the cameras, others were photographed from a canoe. The albino is a full body mount killed by a hunter. All these pics are from N Michigan dating as far back as 1886.



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Hate to go political on this but.......

Maybe I am just so sick of the Government that makes and or creates NOTHING, yet deters this kind of free thinking!

This is a fine example of what happens when Men are able to be creative, use their imagination and Make things they feel there is use for; common sense creativity.........

This is absolutely AWESOME and I would never have thought this was started that far back in time!

Sheer Genius! Flat out AMAZING!

Thanks for sharing! That one Buck in the water was MASSIVE................wonder how old he was:huh: