On Your Hunting Lease..

Mark K

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Haha!! I’ve paid outrageous prices to hunt ducks and enjoyed every minute of it. Would still be doing it if work allowed. If the place I hunt now was a lease or club, it would probably be in excess of a few grand. I work when asked, I work when not asked. I volunteer when asked and again when not asked. I plant where allowed, and started feeding year round. If I had to pay I’d probably just go back to public land. But, if I did pay and put in the work of planting, feeding, and stand placement based on prevailing winds, I probably wouldn’t be so inclined to let everyone else come in and hunt my stand. Except kids...got a soft spot for kids. Mine are grown now so if I can put a youngster on a good buck I’m all over it.


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I have 300 acres, and there are only about five spots where I spend anytime time in a tree. The deer population is good, but I have hunted this property for most of my 55 years and have pretty much narrowed down where to put my effort. I can sit pretty much in any tree and see deer, but experience has taught me the key spots that the deer funnel through and that they use the same spots year after year.