Online "Hunter Education Course"

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NOT ADVISEABLE.... depends on instructors!!!!

Go to the last day of any class taken course.
This is not an adviseable "walk-in" practice. I've been teaching "GA Hunter Education" classes for 10 yrs and we DON'T PERMIT 2nd day "walk-ins". If you weren't there on the FIRST DAY, you'll be TURNED AWAY.

Before anyone tries this, you had better check with the instructors for that class in your local county area. It uses AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT TRAINING CURRICULUM. Otherwise, you may be wasting your time trying it.... especially if you have to drive to another county to attend the classes. :banginghe :banginghe

Some area classes that only deal with 5-10 students a class may observe/allow such things, but we deal with 25-40 students per class in the Augusta-Richmond County/CSRA area.

We DO ACCEPT "walk-ins" for either type of class, but you will only get a "temporary card" after the class and testing. You can then go online and print out your 'permanent' card about a week later.

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Augusta-Richmond County/CSRA
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Quick question.... my wife took the online test close to hunting season starting last year, but was unable to get into a 2 hr review class before the season started...(they we all full), but she still has her test results and has signed up to take the review class at Bass Pro in Gwinnett in September. Does she need to re-take her test or will the test results she already has work. (By the way, she already killed her first 3 pointer last season.)
Isn't this done ALL online now with no classes needed? Has anyone done this yet? If so, about how long does it take?
You can do MOST of it online but you still have to go for a few hours of classroom time and take (and pass) the written exam.