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I spilled coffee on my key boawrd! :whip: :banginghe

Noaw everytime I type an, 'a', 'e', 'q' I get aw q3 er.
My shift key some times waorks & noaw my computer beeps constawntly awhen I hold dowan the shift key. :banginghe :banginghe :banginghe
Take it apart and clean it. If it still does it head to the store and get a new one. They are not too expensive.
Believe it or not, take it to the sink and give it a good washing. Shake it dry and go back to it. I have done that same thing several times.
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Well!!!!!! We'll see. ::;

I have opened it up, rinsed it out twice, dunked in the water a bunch of times and its in the dish rack drying over night. So we'll see after I put it back together & plug it in if it still works or do I go to the local computer store for a new keyboard.
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I tossed the old key board it seems the washing didn't make it any better. :shoot:

I went to Micro Center in Duluth I picked a new keyboard for $3.99 :clap: & its spill proof! :fine:


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File a law suit against the keyboard manufacturer! :bounce: :bounce: