Opening Day Huntin' reports

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Let's get a report on this morning! Let's hear some stories tell em' if ya got em'!

I am in Madison County and seen a whole bunch of nothin' I sat till about 10AM and seen one tree rat with a big fat wolve (I think that is right) on his neck! Oh well, maybe this afernoon! Good Luck!


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I zeroed as well but my buddy 250 yds away saw 8. He passed up several small bucks and a 2.5yr old 9 pointer with a 15 inch spread. Ill try a diiferent spot in the am
I saw 6. Doe and 2 little ones still on the milk
A couple yearling bucks, and one 8 pointer probably 2 1/2, nice spread, he bedded down on top of a oak ridge about 50 yrds from me, wind changed direction and he got out of there fast. I hope to be out this evening in a different spot.
Me and Gobblingdawg went to my club in Morgan Co. this morning. I didn't see anything from the stand. Got down at 10 am and walked up on two does. Jack had a four pointer walk up around 9:15 and let it walk. Man, it was hot. I was soaked with sweat when I got to my stand. :huh:


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Saw a 4 point at 740 this morning, saw 5(2 does, 3 yearlings) at 715 this evening. Morning stand was in the creek hunting some oaks that were raining acorns. Evening was some oaks right off the edge of a peanut field.
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Well, the PM hunt was just as bad as the AM hunt. I did see a Bobcat but that's all from Madison County!

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I saw zero deer, but a fresh scrape that was not there on Tuesday when I hung the stand. My buddy about 500 yds down the marsh passed up a smaller 8pt. Not the deer we are hunting. Glynn County.
I guess this moon and the heat has them messed up.
Saw a doe at first light but it was too dark to see my pins... Missed a yote in the PM then saw other doe to far off in the peanut field i was hunting in. The moon has the deer all messed up here.


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Saw one massive possum at daybreak then two doe right on schedule at 7:30. At about 50 yards the lead doe made a hard right and trotted off. The 2nd does stood there for a second then followed. Dont know if she caught my movement of a sniff or if they were just going that way anyway. It was very thick between us. Oh well, I like the spot and think it will be a producer.
Burke Cty

Myself and Clownbuck hunted Burke County. I saw 5 does in a.m, nothing in evening. Clownbuck hunted a sweet spot with persimmons, nothing both hunts. I think the moon played some tricks on us this weekend. Saw water oaks and persimmons droppin good. Should improve next couple weeks.
Spent 8 hours in the stand Saturday and nothing but a coon came to my persimmons but it was great to sit in the stand and listen to the Dawgs play again.