Opinions on the .454 Casull

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I have been tossing around the idea of upgrading to a .454. I currently own a S&W 629 classic in .44 mag and a Ruger Redhawk in .41 mag. I'm just curious of the recoil differences between the .44 and .454 and does the added performance really make a difference on deer and hogs?
I have a Smith & Wesson 629 and A Ruger Super Blackhawk with Magnaport's Predator Package. I am not as young as I once was, but while I can endure full house .44 Magnum loads, I find .44 specials convert my backup Bear guns to "fun guns". Had a chance to travel to South Carolina several years ago and purchase a large stock of .44 specials from the widow of a shooting buddy who passed suddenly, leaving behind a stash of ammo that would make most of us envious. Never regretted acquiring those .44 specials, or some other rounds, like .38 super. I've seen what a .44 magnum does to a 350 pound bruin. I don't feel the need for .454's , .460's, or 500's. If I owned a .454 I'd likely use .45 long Colt ammo to make it enjoyable. I've fired all the above calibers. Not willing to pay to be tormented. I've been to Alaska twice, perfectly comfortable with the Predator and full house Magnum loads. It's heavy enough to make that kind of power manageable, even for a old man with arthritus.
I just started shooting the new SBH my wife gave me for Christmas last year,and I too feel no need for more power especially for deer or hogs I have yet to try the 44 specials but I plan to really soon.
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Hey Shakey how do you like that Taurus? I'm in the process of purchasing one for general purpose work so I can scope/red dot my redhawk .41.
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Ok general purpose was a bad description. But it'll be the gun that I carry as a back up while bow hunting and the gun I carry when scouting areas prone to hold hogs. I can deal with loud and obnoxious cause its not gonna be a plinker anyway.


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I believe the .454 chambered Super Redhawk to be one of the best revolvers that I've owned. If I'm going to shoot a big bore magnum the .454 is my choice. I'm a fan of the .452 sized bullet too. the Ruger and the Casull were meant for each other.


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I've had two .454 Raging Bulls - my wife even likes them - now, that being said, I've been using the Winchester 250 grain and the Hornady 240 grain XTP's, we had some 300 grain loads, and they were very harsh out of my 6.5".

Using BVAC 300 grain .45LC bear protection loads, the 6.5" feels like a .38 Special.

Still, it's not a caliber for everyone - particularly the ammo cost, just over $1 per shot for the affordable stuff.
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My biggest concern with the .454 is the recoil aspect! I have some issues with my hands and wrists and am not sure how well I could tolerate it.
After having 44's, 454's, 460's, and the almighty 500, the srh's in 44 and 454 are the ones I kept. It's fun to shoot with long colts and has more than enough stopping power when loaded with 300 grain soft or hollow points for anything in the lower 48 . It's a slight handful with hot loads or buffalo bore ammo but its no wrist breaker , the boom is worse to me than the recoil.
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Had a Freedom Arms chambered in .454. Was everything I always thought it would be. Due to the aches and pains associate with old age creeping in, I now I choose to hunt with a couple of Bisleys chambered in .45 Colt. If you handload, that's all you need around here...at least it's all I need.


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The .454 Casull (SRH) I owned resides with one of my Bear Hunting Buddies :)

I'd put the .454 slightly under or near par with the ability to rubberize my arm much like my .444 Marlin (BFR) ;)

Knock Down power on the Fire End for sure...


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The .454 Casull is not for the recoil flinch inclined shooter. A quote: The .454 generates almost 5 times the recoil of the .45 Long Colt, and about 75% more recoil energy than the .44 Magnum. (See the Handgun Recoil Table for specifics.) It is way out of the class of all but the most experienced and recoil tolerant shooters.
I know opinions and mileage may vary, but I've had the opportunity to shoot a lot of different wheel gun calibers and in my experience, I would rank them this way from worst to most manageable recoil.

.44 Mag

All but the .454 were Smith and Wessons, the .454 was a Taurus.
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Thanks guys for the input on the recoil factor. I broke my hand several years ago and it limits my ability to shoot the big boomers. It would have been a bad experience to have put a lot of money in a setup that I couldn't enjoy!