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Over the past few years the AR 15 has some how been given the name "Americas Rifle". For starters I am an AR owner. That being said I have never felt that it deserves the name "Americas Rifle" being that it is a relatively new round in comparison to the likes of the 30/30 or the 30-06. What are yalls thoughts? Honestly I think a lot of ARs are trash rifles that are a dime a dozen. Every company makes one and many of them are just dressed up target center fires.


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I owned a couple years ago, like 20yrs ago, when they were all .223/5.56, I have never been a fan of that round, extremely loud, not much stopping power. I ended up selling those I had back then, I've had an AK for close to 30yrs, probably never get rid of it, that being said, the .300blkout round got me interested in AR's again, its very close to the AK round in power, and the variety of bullet choices is great ! especially if you reload, I also built a .458socom AR this past summer,, that thing is a beast ! same platform as 5.56, but with bullet choices from 250gr up to 600gr, a tremendous about of muzzle energy !

Where AR's excel above AK's are in accuracy, you can build one in virtually any of the available calibers and get 1inch groups easily, generally sub one inch groups with most. You'll never get that kind of accuracy from an AK , unless its a custom built American made one.

The variety of accessories and parts for the AR platform gives it an edge also, you can pick and choose, and customize an AR to your specific liking, short barrel up close pistol versions, or long barrel varmint versions,

I think they're simply called America's rifle cause of the ready availability of them everywhere, and for the most part you can pick a standard one up cheap, but the 5.56 is a poor cartridge in my opinion for deer sized game, and isn't a very reliable man stopper either, truth be told, that's why the military keeps changing bullet loadings and talking of changing to another cartridge.


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There are a lot better rifles out there to be called the American Rifle. I would say the Winchester rifles, 73, 92, 94, 95, 71, 70 or the 1903 & 03-A3, M1 Garand even Remington Mod. 700. I have two AR's and they are ok for what they are, but my favorite rifle is a Rem. 700 in 6 mm Rem. I would also add Savage and Marlin to the list of American rifles. Savage has a real history that really is in the real spirit of being and American. The New Henry company is one to watch, I would add them but they are a little to young. They make great rifles and they listen to and build what the public wants.
When I think of "America's Rifle" I personally think of a Winchester Model 70 in 30-06' with walnut stock. AR stands for Armalite, thats it.

However, the modern AR platform is extremely versatile, modular by the end user, extremely reliable, and capable of accuracy that will rival a good bolt action, like them or not. I think thats why so many people like them and use them for everything from target shooting, plinking, hunting, home defense, etc...... Now there are junk AR's out there just like there are junk bolt guns, shotguns, and lever guns. You have to know what to look for and just like most other firearms, nothing good comes cheap.

And no, the .223 is not a mouse round, not only good for punching paper and varmints, it does create a nasty wound channel, and knock-down power isn't a thing. Elvis is also dead and we did in fact land on the moon.
I'd agree it is America's rifle, I don't see how anything based on a Mauser can be the American rifle. A lever gun would be my next choice, besides if .223 isn't enough that's what 6.8 spc is for.


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I buy rifles with a purpose, so it doesn't matter what anybody calls it. I was never interested in an AR in calibers offered, but did buy the first one in 6.5 Grendel when it became affordable. My biggest mistake was that I put a 3X9 scope on it. It shoots way beyond the capability the scope has. Shoots well off the bench and is light for hunting.

I still enjoy carrying a lever action with a peep sight more than anything, but it is not the tool for the job a lot of times. The Grendel fits a good spot between it and my bolt actions. Light and easy to carry, but it will still reach out there with great accuracy.
I never thought of it as America's Rifle. It's definitely not my rifle of choice. I've hunted Deer with my main rifle being semi-auto all my life, but I prefer my Browning Bar.

That being said, I wouldn't mind a 6.5 Grendel, just for kicks and giggles.


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I've never heard of the AR being referenced as America's Rifle, but it would definitely be a solid contender for that title.

In some variation, it has been the main combat arm of the US military for longer than any other rifle/carbine.

It is an American-designed platform, in an American caliber.
I own a couple-three. They're good rifles, but they're not America's Rifle. My favorite AR I own is chambered in 7.62x39, a Russian caliber. :)

If you're talking about a rifle that represents America, I'd lean more toward a Lancaster flintlock, a Southern Mountain rifle, a Hawken percussion, a lever gun by Winchester, Henry, or Marlin; or a bolt action in .30/06 or .270.
Never heard it calls America's Rifle. I assume it's the rifle associated with our military and they're not readily available in other countries????


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I believe that is just marketing. Dems call them "assault rifles". I like the name "Modern Sporting Rifle".
To me "America's rifle" is a Win 94 in 30-30
Probably just some one in the media took the AR from Armalite Rifle and referred to it Americas Rifle and that’s where it came from.

They seem to rather associate AR with Assault Rifle, as it fits their agenda better. I think the America's Rifle thing, is more coined from the popularity it's gained as a sporting rifle, with many new shooters to come along.
According to a New York Times article it was billed as America’s Rifle by the NRA.
That would explain it then, as much good as the NRA does in Washington, and I know they do help to preserve our rights, I don't agree with the way they go about a lot of things, I don't believe the higher ups in the NRA have much in common with most of the gun toting/hunting public , they are all elite upper society types, I believe the NRA would be better represented to the general public if they had just normal people in the upper management, people that the general population could more easily identify with.


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The first weapon that came to mind when I saw the title of this thread was a lever action 30 30.