Optics for a Springfield 1911 Range Officer

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My eyes are getting old and so is the rest of my body but I still love to shoot. And I especially love to shoot my Springfield 1911 Range Officer. I know that it isn't often done but I was considering putting an optic sight such as a red dot on this pistol.

Would anyone reading this message be able to give me any help on which mount to use and what modifications would be needed on my 1911?



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That depends on whether you want to keep your rear sight or not.

If yes, you'll need to have your slide milled and tapped by a gun smith to put a mounting plate in for your optic of choice.

If no, several folks make a reflex sight mounting plate with a novak dovetail in the bottom that mounts in place of your rear sight, so no milling needed. the easiest ones I've seen from a quick search fit the Burris Fast Fire 3 and the Vortex Razor, both of which are very popular and reliable mini reflex sights for handguns.

I found this pretty quickly with a google search:


And it would attached to the gun like this:



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Ryanh487 / HarryO45,

Many, many thanks! This has definitely given me what I was looking for!

They linked some useful stuff.

I’m going to suggest one of those dovetail mounts to Dad. He’s using red dot sights on a few guns and loving them.

Hope you get that sweet shooting RO to your satisfaction. Fun gun.


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I have a Burris FF2 that I'm going to put on a S&W. Just ordered the rear sight mount yesterday. You may want to also look for the 1 degree shim. When mounted flat on top of the slide you may not get enough adjustment in the red dot downward. This seems to be a consensus for many shooters - that bullet impact is below the dot even with the maximum downward setting. You may want to mount yours and try sighting it in first though.



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I was looking for an Accupoint and came across this new Trijicon. It may not be widely avail yet.


You'll need to spend another Benji on the mount, which is the same as the RMR


This says "Novak cut," so I researched it also:

https://www.novaksights.com/Content.aspx?PAGE="Sights 101"

Caution: Brain Freeze... How do you patent a cut?

So I'm Looking down my nose about Springfield being an "unauthorized imitation" but further down the list is Sig, Kimber, HK, Les Baer and Ed Brown, so I guess I'll let that go.




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I use an older Trijicon RMR on my P80 with suppressor height sights co-witnessing and it works very well.

Isn't the difference between Novak and low Novak basically Novak is wider than the standard GI cut and accepts many after market options and Low Novak the type of cut say for the Bomar type sights?