Orvis follows Dick's and Walmart.


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I'm still waiting on "someone" to splain'
how an AR is an "assault" "style" rifle.

They don't say it in this ad but others do.

I recon I could "assault" a person with any number of
rifles/pistols/revolvers/shotguns I own.

I do not and never have had an AR.
Just not my cup of tea. IF I DID, I WOULD HAVE ONE OR TEN FOR SURE!

Did have an almost virgin Yugo SKS one time tho'.
Wish I would have kept it now. (not an "assault" rifle either)

Just Sayin'.

fish hawk

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So what,they wont sell a shot gun to anyone under 21 unless they've completed hunters safety.:huh:
Theys a lot of 18 year olds out there that dont have any business owning a gun.

The mtn man

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I didn't even know orvis was in the shotgun business. Their stuff is overrated anyways.
Well, I most certainly will not be patronizing them anymore. I own very few thing from them and I am sure that no sleep will be lost by them but, it is a matter of principle. They wish to placate a pack of idiots that think that the best solution to evil acts is to blame an inanimate object. It seems that there is always room on the half-wit express to commie-town for one more business. The fact that at 18 you could be drafted and sent to war yet certain business want to acquiesce the left and not allow the same 18 year old to purchase a firearm baffles me. Or even better, a young man or women who IS in the military yet under 21. How's that work out? "Thanks for your service and sacrifice, but you are too young to buy a firearm here despite the fact that you have toted iron down-range." Good job there Orvis, I am sure the do-gooders who's day you have made will certainly carry your company into unfathomable financial success.
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I'm curious to know what kind of 18 year old would be prompted to buy an overpriced shotgun from Orvis for the purpose of murder or a mass shooting when they could have bought a $200.00 rig from Walmart, or could have bought a Mossberg tactical pump with extended magazing for like $400.00. I very much doubt that anyone ever purchasing a shotgun for the purposes of harming or killing another would endeavor to spend all his money on a too of the line gun.
I used to like thier waders, no more. I can just picture in my mind no Mr 20 year old limb missing veteran, no gun for you!!!
I used to like thier waders, no more. I can just picture in my mind no Mr 20 year old limb missing veteran, no gun for you!!!
I remember when I enlisted, I was 17, my parents had to sign. There was a local gun store that let me have the .308 I wanted for less than what it cost him.