Other uses for cube steak other then frying?


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Ive got a freezer full of cube steak from last year...Me and Jessica are trying to cut down on fried foods so i don't want to fry it....Anyone got any other ways to cook it?? Can you grill it?? I know I can make it into deer poppers but there is only so many poppers we can eat...:D


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Sorry, dude, but the only way to properly prepare cube steak is to batter and fry it, country style. Then serve it with mashed potatoes, biscuits, and gravy. If y'all can't hack that, I'll come over and pick up all of your supply and properly dispose of it!:D
Put in the crock pot with onions and cream of mushroom soup. Cook until the meat is falling apart and serve over rice. Also you can cook it in baking bags for pork chops, they come with seasoning I'm not sure brand, my wife buys them, just follow directions. Sowega.
salt , pepper and a little oregano on the meat, slow cook it in a skillet with a can of cream of mushroom soup and cut up onion and bell pepper.
eat it on rice


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Cut into tiny pieces and brown in a little margarine.Add to a 16oz.pkg.mixed vegetables,can of tomato sauce a little water ,favorite seasoning slow cook for an hr.or so and presto,pot of homemade soup hard to beat.For a little more flavor add a little cured ham cut in tiny pieces.

One draw back,don't ya'll hurt ya selves eating too much!


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Place in crock pot, layers of potato, carrots, celery, onion and the cube steaks with your favorite spices. Add a little beer, and slow cook just like a pot roast.


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Don't listen to these people, Arrow 3! Step away from the freezer slowly. I'll be happy to get over there to take that evil cube steak away and get it out of your young lives forever!

I'm here to help...:bounce:
You can always "shake and bake" and you can help. :bounce: I love the pork chops that way...guess cubed steak would work ok, too. You can also bake it in cream of mushroom and eat it over rice...mmm mmm good!


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Marinate it just like you would any steak. Grill it over a hot fire for just a few minutes on each side. It don't take long. No doubt that Dutchmans way is the best but this aint half bad.
if dutch cant handle all of it ill help dispose of it. asking what to do with cubed steak is kinda like asking which end is the businiess end of a rifle. aint but one way and thats batter, fry , mashed taters sawmill gravy and biscuits. make you slap yo mama


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cut into stips,marinate in dale's seasoning, wrap in bacon and grill till bacon is done.....


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Grind it into burger and make meat loaf or sketti or zonya or ziti or taco meat or...
huntnnut said:
What Dutch said, beside ya'll are to young to worry about the fried stuff...:D

Sadly, we're not. Brandon has high blood pressure, and heart disease runs rampant in my family. I've had high cholesterol since I was young, as do several of the women and all of the men in my family. Therefore, we're both at high risk, especially me. We're both already taking medicine for our respective issues, but eating right and exercising does nothing but help. Besides, we've got a wedding coming up in March that we need to look our best for! :D

And Milton? Brandon's not that young anymore...:rofl: :rofl: