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Bought a vintage 1992 30 foot "Challenger" motorhome a few months ago basically on a whim. Had never even owned a pop-up, but have been blessed with this monstrosity! It has a Chevy 454 engine with 115,000 miles on the odometer. Sounds CRAZY right?!?
Well, I bought it from a really meticulous gentlemen that answered all of my questions just right, and showed me Everything working like new, as well as a few thousand in new parts and professional repairs. We've had it out on 2 trips so far, and she performed flawlessly, although the 5.1 mpg we got was not quite expected. We were pulling a trailer with 2 motorcycles though. We don't care about the mpg as we really never go over 100 miles from home and probably never will. Very happy with our purchase!!!


Wow, sounds like a great buy.
Had great fun when I owned a motorhome. As long as you use it often and keep it up, should give many years of good service.


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It looks great. Now go make some memories


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I agree though, keep it rolling and not parked


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Enjoy your breaking bad vacations


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I got Badger and Skinny Pete’s number if you need some help.
Sweeeeeeet !!! You're gonna hafta to park it under a shed, or at least tarp it...
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So wife found a "pool" of water on the end table in the bedroom after a rain storm. Removed covering inside cabinet and found tons of rotten wood. Ripped it all out, went on top, ripped entire area open with a box cutter. Hideous! Replaced wood and applied "Great Stuff" to upper surface and under ceiling in bedroom then smashed it all together with a 4 foot potted plant hanger from the yard, and 5 landscape bricks on the roof. Applied Home Depot sealant and Canyon Blue acrylic enamel from here at work that we paint the airplanes with, and wa-lah! no leaks after several torrential rain events, and we have the only RV around with a blue quarter top!


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Sound like a plan, "I think", never heard of anyone using airplane paint to fix one, but keep in mind they are like rolling tornados, seems shake loose, limbs rib across, u have to keep a sharp eye on the roofs and corners