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I posted back in March about sharing your testimony. This really hit hard and close to home Monday morning. We got a call from my wifes ex-sister-in-law which is family to us regardless of the past. At 6:15 Monday morning she called hysterical that we needed to get to her house now. We get over there not knowing what we were walking into. Relieved to walk in and see her and her husband and their little boy sitting there. She grabbed my wife and went to porch, I kneeled down in front of her husband and asked what was going on. He said Tylor (their other son 23 yr old) had been killed in a motorcycle wreck at 1 Monday morning in Fulton County. All I could do was pull him to me and love on him. The next words out of his mouth was he did not know if he'd see him again. He did not know 110% where he stood with God and his salvation. There are no words to say to this to bring peace and comfort. Through others testimonies of events here and there through the years his mom woke up yesterday morning with a peace as to where he was. The holy spirit brought her comfort, his dad was happy for her but he has not gotten that peace and comfort yet. If we have a testimony, we need to share it with all that we can. We do not need to leave that void when we are gone. If you have not verbally confessed it to someone, do it so that maybe if the time comes you can bring that comfort and peace. We need to encourage others to do this, ask others if they have been saved and help to maybe lead them towards Jesus. Please pray for the Simmons family, she just layed her dad to rest Friday and now this trial comes. He was going to surprise his girlfriend in Panama City when this happened. She feels she has some fault to his as well and Callie needs your prayers. I have a stepson Seth who is not saved as far as we know. The SIL grabbed him and pleaded with him not to do this to his mama, when God speaks to listen and obey, and accept it. He turned white as a ghost, then a family friend looked straight at him and told him he was carrying a burden for Seth and praying for him also.